Securely stick with powerful adhesives such as super glue from Toolstation. Our range includes grab adhesives, adhesive glue and super glue gel from trusted brands Evo-Stick, Gorilla Glue and Loctite. Find everything you need for effective tile adhesive, wood adhesives and wallpaper adhesive. Shop grab adhesives from Sika, such as the Sika multi stick grab adhesive that has incredible grip and high bonding strength. Sika adhesive sticks porous and nonporous materials such as glass, plasterboard, brick and timber. Pinkgrip is a solvent free adhesive; a go-to grab adhesive for sticking just about anything on the site without the need for underpinning. Gorilla Glue instant grab adhesive grips most surfaces instantly, and can be used indoors, outdoors or under water. For general adhesives, consider Unibond, Everbuild and Gorilla Glue. Bond wood, metal stone and ceramic with Gorilla Glue. Use Unibond repair extreme adhesive for a solvent free adhesive that withstands extreme weather, water and vibrations. For multi-material usage including wood, PVC, cork, rubber and stone use Everbuild contact adhesive. Wood adhesives are available in a range of strengths, finishes and uses. Evo-Stik exterior resin is fast-setting, dries to a clear finish and is suitable for all wood types. For large applications, Everbuild 5-minute polyurethane wood adhesive gel sets hard in only 5 minutes and dries clear. Everbuild all-purpose wallpaper paste contains a powerful fungi, high tack and excellent adjustability for any corrections. Hang up to 30 rolls with each pack. Browse the vast range of super glue and adhesive brands in our range, such as Araldite, Soudal, Fiberfix and Siroflex. Spend over £25 online for free delivery with your order or click and collect from your nearest branch.
                                Everbuild Everbuild Spray Contact Adhesive 500ml - 47790 - from Toolstation ( 183 )
                                Evo-Stik Evo-Stik Gripfill 350ml Solvent Based - 79630 - from Toolstation ( 125 )
                                Everbuild Everbuild Stixall Adhesive & Sealant 290ml Clear - 77137 - from Toolstation ( 282 )
                                ex. VAT £4.84
                                Per unit £20.03/L

                                Hybrid PMS polymer technology. Combined building adhesi ...Read more

                                Everbuild Everbuild Solvent Free Coving Adhesive & Filler 310ml - 19015 - from Toolstation ( 148 )
                                Everbuild Everbuild Stixall Adhesive & Sealant 290ml White - 69243 - from Toolstation ( 69 )
                                ex. VAT £4.84
                                Per unit £20.03/L

                                Hybrid PMS polymer technology. Combined building adhesi ...Read more

                                Evo-Stik Evo-Stik Gripfill Xtra 350ml  - 98918 - from Toolstation ( 48 )
                                Evo-Stik Evo-Stik Sticks Like 290ml White - 89121 - from Toolstation ( 68 )
                                89121 Sticks Like 290ml White
                                ex. VAT £5.14
                                Per unit £21.28/L

                                MS Polymer technology. Will bond most surfaces, even if ...Read more

                                Everbuild Everbuild Pinkgrip Adhesive 350ml Solvent Based - 10243 - from Toolstation ( 98 )
                                Everbuild Everbuild Mitre Adhesive Kit 50g + 200ml - 47409 - from Toolstation ( 76 )
                                Evo-Stik Evo-Stik Gripfill Solvent Free 350ml  - 39773 - from Toolstation ( 35 )
                                Everbuild Everbuild Gun A Nail Solvent Free 310ml  - 48295 - from Toolstation ( 51 )
                                Everbuild Everbuild D4 Wood Glue 1L - 61864 - from Toolstation ( 84 )
                                Everbuild Everbuild Super Glue 50g High Visc - Thick - 10893 - from Toolstation ( 62 )
                                ex. VAT £2.21
                                Per unit £0.05/g

                                For use on perfect fit surfaces where a fast set is req ...Read more

                                Everbuild Everbuild Interior & Exterior PVA Wood Glue 500ml - 22271 - from Toolstation ( 119 )
                                ex. VAT £2.92
                                Per unit £7.00/L

                                All-purpose resin based weatherproof wood adhesive for ...Read more

                                Gorilla Glue Gorilla Glue Gorilla Super Glue 15g - 54493 - from Toolstation ( 27 )
                                Gorilla Glue Gorilla Glue Gorilla Epoxy 5 Minute Resin Adhesive 25ml - 80659 - from Toolstation ( 36 )
                                Everbuild Everbuild 5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Glue Gel 310ml - 78519 - from Toolstation ( 65 )
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