Carpet & Metal Edging

Browse a variety of metal edging for flooring at Toolstation, including checker plates, carpet edging, and carpet cover strips up to 1 metre in length available in gold or silver finish. Find a range of carpet fitting tools including essential carpet edging, cover strip and joiner. Protect surfaces and floors with checker plate, ideal for industrial buildings with a lot of footfall. We stock checker plate sheets in various sizes, and accompanying checker plate angle profile both made of a tough aluminium. Create a neat finish to the carpet edge with silver or gold carpet edging in 910mm, or cover the join between two carpets together within doorways using a carpet cover strip or a wide carpet plate. Consider carpet joiner in gold and silver, for all carpets except foam backed carpets, or the height adjustable laminate to carpet joiner. Spend over £10 online for free delivery or click and collect from your closest branch.
                            hOme hOme Carpet Cover Strip Silver - 31508 - from Toolstation ( 118 )
                            31508 Carpet Cover Strip Silver
                            ex. VAT £3.12

                            Covers the join between two carpets. 900mm length.

                            Wide Carpet Plate Silver - 44175 - from Toolstation ( 117 )
                            44175 Wide Carpet Plate Silver
                            ex. VAT £3.74

                            900 x 60mm.

                            hOme hOme Laminate to Carpet Joiner Silver - 35008 - from Toolstation ( 126 )
                            Carpet Joiner Silver - 47593 - from Toolstation ( 48 )
                            hOme hOme Carpet Edging Silver - 15813 - from Toolstation ( 51 )
                            Wide Carpet Plate Gold - 49955 - from Toolstation ( 85 )
                            Carpet Cover Strip Gold - 35050 - from Toolstation ( 46 )
                            35050 Carpet Cover Strip Gold
                            ex. VAT £3.12

                            Covers the join between two carpets. 900mm length.

                            Laminate to Carpet Joiner Gold - 14751 - from Toolstation ( 46 )
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