Power saws such as a jigsaw, circular, mitre and reciprocating saw, are used to cut through a range of materials efficiently and effectively, such as wood and metal. At Toolstation, we stock saws from a range of top brands including Makita, Worx, Bosch and Milwaukee. A circular saw is a power saw that is suitable to cut a range of different materials, featuring a toothed disc or blade that spins in a rotary motion. The Worx WX429 400W compact circular saw is designed for one handed operation and is compact to use. Alternatively, the Bauker 85mm mini saw includes a quick cutting depth adjustment. For a cordless circular saw, the Milwaukee saw is available as a complete power saw or body only. We also stock Makita, Bosch and Hitachi circular saws. A jigsaw or reciprocating saw is well suited to cut curved lines in wood, metal or plastic. The new Worx saw; the WX550 20V MAX, is a multi-purpose power saw that’s compatible with universal reciprocating saw and jigsaw blades. This saw uses a power share battery which is interchangeable with other 20V max Worx saws and tools. The Einhell X-Change reciprocating saw is a cordless saw and features a keyless blade change system and keyless shoe adjustment. Make quick, accurate cuts in a variety of angles, including bevelled cuts, with a mitre saw. The Draper compound mitre saw is a cost-effective saw that includes a class 2 laser beam to aid in accurate cutting and a vice clamp to secure the material. For a power saw that promises fast cutting for profiles, steel pipes, cast iron and other metals, the Metabo CS 23-355 metal chop saw is ideal, also featuring a quick clamping device with variable mitre saw conversion. In our range we also have the Einhell table saw and stand, perfect for all cutting needs with a 2-in-1 height adjustment and sturdy base unit, as well as wood and floorboard saws. View our entire range, including Makita, Bosch and Milwaukee saws. Click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch or spend over £25 online to receive free delivery.
                Stanley FatMax Stanley FatMax Stanley FatMax V20 18V 165mm Cordless Circular Saw 1 x 4.0Ah - 58562 - from Toolstation
                ( 34 )
                Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur Heavy Duty Hacksaw 300mm (12") - 68927 - from Toolstation
                ( 11 )
                DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt 1350W 184mm Circular Saw 240V - 60096 - from Toolstation
                ( 18 )
                Bosch Bosch Bosch 190mm Circular Saw 230V 1400W - 35368 - from Toolstation ( 50 )
                Bauker Bauker Bauker 500W 85mm Mini Saw 240V - 87131 - from Toolstation
                ( 92 )
                Bauker Bauker Bauker 300W Multi Cutter 240V - 54984 - from Toolstation
                ( 249 )
                Stanley FatMax Stanley FatMax Stanley FatMax Jab Saw & Scabbard 7 tpi - 11752 - from Toolstation
                ( 22 )
                Makita Makita Makita 1200W 190mm Circular Saw 240V - 53194 - from Toolstation ( 83 )
                Stanley Stanley Stanley Saw Storage Mitre Box With Saw  - 88687 - from Toolstation
                ( 36 )
                Draper Draper Draper Venom Saw First Fix 500mm (20") - 97309 - from Toolstation
                ( 90 )
                £6.29 was £7.89
                ex. VAT £5.24

                High quality double ground teeth with optimal sawdust r ...Read more

                Draper Draper Draper Venom Saw Second Fix 500mm (20") - 32261 - from Toolstation
                ( 55 )
                £6.29 was £7.94
                ex. VAT £5.24

                High quality double ground teeth with optimal sawdust r ...Read more

                Makita Makita Makita 720W Jigsaw 110V - 10296 - from Toolstation ( 5 )
                10296 Makita 720W Jigsaw 110V
                ex. VAT £116.65

                • Power input: 720W • Orbital action • Ultra low vibr ...Read more

                Einhell Einhell Einhell 750W Jigsaw 240V - 29054 - from Toolstation
                ( 12 )

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