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Shop central heating supplies at Toolstation to find all the parts for your next job. Whether you’re installing a new central heating system or replacing a thermostat, boiler or radiator, we’ve got products for domestic and commercial applications from leading brands including Drayton, Hive and Honeywell.

Smart heating controls and programmable thermostats help monitor energy usage in your home or commercial settings. Central heating pumps and additives keep radiators and pipes in good working order – find it all at Toolstation.


Choose from standard wall, column and towel radiators in various sizes, configurations and finishes in our range. You’ll also find radiator valves, including modern chrome-plated TRVs and traditional styles, plus a range of electric heaters and oil-filled radiators.

Still unsure which radiator you need? Check out our Radiator Buying Guide for tips and advice from the experts, or use this BTU calculator to work out the heating requirements of any room.


Our diverse range of boilers suits different heating needs – combi boilers are compact and efficient, providing hot water on demand, while system boilers incorporate a separate hot water cylinder, ideal for larger homes. Conventional boilers have a cylinder and cold water storage tank and are compatible with traditional heating systems. Explore them all from trusted brands when you shop at Toolstation.


Chimney cowls serve essential functions in home heating systems – explore a range at Toolstation to find the cowl that suits your needs. Anti-downdraft chimney cowls prevent reverse airflow, enhancing fireplace efficiency. At the same time, bird guards keep birds and debris from coming down a chimney, and rain cowls shield against the elements. You can also explore draft-increasing cowls, optimising combustion by improving airflow.