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Plug-in Timers

Plug-in timers can help you save money, time and energy by controlling when the power is on. Plug-in timers are designed to manage light bulbs and assist with security in residential and commercial properties. They come in various practical designs for timed lighting, heating and sockets. Choose 24-hour mechanical timers, 7-day electronic timers or digital timer switches.

Mechanical Plug-In Timers

Reliable and straightforward mechanical timers are usually operated by hand, using a dial. With a 24-hour compact timer, you can regulate settings to suit your needs. These discreet and reliable plug-in timers can have up to 48 on and off functions. This is an excellent option for turning on lighting or security systems at night.

Digital Plug-In Timers

Digital plug-in timers are a modern alternative. They let you set more complex programmes. Plug a digital timer straight into a socket and select programmes that suit what you need. Intelligent programming allows tens of programmes per week, including summer and winter settings. For improved security, a random feature helps deter burglars or break-ins. You’ll find an excellent range of plug-in timers at Toolstation, including mechanical and digital timers from leading brands like Axiom, Greenbrook Electrical and Unbranded.
                                Axiom Axiom Axiom Plug-in Timer Mechanical 24 Hour - 22617 - from Toolstation
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                                Axiom Axiom Axiom Plug-in Timer Mechanical 7 Day - 33837 - from Toolstation
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