Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Looking for a carbon monoxide alarm? At Toolstation, we stock life-saving carbon monoxide detectors to monitor CO levels from trusted brands Aico and FireAngel. Choose from a range of trade quality carbon monoxide alarms, including the FireAngel digital carbon monoxide alarm CO9D with a 7-year sealed in battery and LED screen, and the FireAngel 7-year life carbon monoxide alarm CO-9X with an advanced electrochemical sensor. We stock mains powered, battery powered or wireless carbon monoxide alarms. You can also find dual FireAngel carbon monoxide alarms that are combined with a smoke alarm. If you are looking for a smaller carbon monoxide detector, opt for the FireAngel carbon monoxide alarm TCO-9B. This model is popular for being small and un-obtrusive. If you are purchasing more than one CO detector, save money with our FireAngel twin pack. Monitor CO levels with our range of Aico CO alarms, these carbon monoxide detectors include a lithium battery and a memory feature to show the last recorded CO level. They also feature test/silence buttons and fault indicator alarms. For safe and effective use, carbon monoxide alarms should be installed, checked and serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Spend over £25 online and receive free delivery with your order or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
                                Google Nest Google Nest Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wired S3003LWGB - 54114 - from Toolstation
                                ( 59 )
                                Google Nest Google Nest Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Battery S3000BWGB - 80792 - from Toolstation
                                ( 61 )
                                FireAngel FireAngel FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO-9B - 84039 - from Toolstation ( 139 )
                                FireAngel FireAngel FireAngel 7 Year Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO-9X - 11784 - from Toolstation ( 56 )
                                FireAngel FireAngel FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm TCO-9B Twin Pack - 62237 - from Toolstation ( 27 )

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