Crimping Tools

A crimping tool joins two components by compressing them, typically electrical cables. They are often found in the toolboxes of electricians, electrical engineers or cable assembly and repair technicians.

What Are the Different Types of Crimping Tools?

Several models have wire strippers or cutters built-in, making them multi-purpose tools. While you can get electric, hydraulic and benchtop crimp tools, the most common are manual hand tools. Handheld crimping tools resemble a set of pliers. Some have a ratcheting or semi-ratchet mechanism for crimping copper tube lugs and connectors. At Toolstation, you’ll find various crimping tools, including wire crimpers, bootlace crimping tools, heavy-duty semi-ratchet crimping tools and multifunctional modular crimping tools. We offer high-quality, affordable hand tools from leading brands such as Minotaur, PRO and Copper.

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