Cement Mixers

Cement mixers take the hard work out of making concrete. The revolving drum mixes the cement, water and aggregate for you, saving time and labour. Concrete mixers are one of the workhorses of any commercial building site. They can also come in handy for domestic building projects.

Electric Concrete Mixers

Electric concrete mixers take the convenience of a cement mixer to the next level with the addition of a motor, so there’s no manual labour required. At Toolstation, you’ll find a quality range of cement mixers from trusted brands like Scheppach and SIP. Whether you need a light and portable option or a reliable, heavy-duty mixer for larger projects, we’ve got products available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.
                            Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach MIX180 180L Electric Cement Mixer 230V - 69573 - from Toolstation
                            The Handy The Handy Handy 90L Electric Cement Mixer 550W - 52210 - from Toolstation
                            Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach MIX140 140L Electric Cement Mixer 230V - 41199 - from Toolstation
                            Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach MIX160 160L Electric Cement Mixer 230V - 78649 - from Toolstation

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