Primer & Undercoat Paint

Using a primer and undercoat before you paint can make all the difference to your finish. Primer and undercoat can help you prepare walls, wood, metal, and plaster, before painting for the very best results. You’ll find a wide range of primers and undercoats at Toolstation including brands such as Dulux Trade, Crown, Rustins, Leyland Trade, and more.

Primer vs Undercoat

Primer and undercoat do similar jobs, but they aren’t the same thing. Whereas a primer is used to prepare a wall the very first time it’s painted, an undercoat is applied to surfaces you want to repaint. Undercoat is described as a preparation product and is used to get a wall ready for a new coat of paint, often to prevent previous colours from bleeding through.

What Is Paint Primer?

Primer is a type of paint used to prepare a surface for its first coat of paint. This can include brickwork, plaster, wood, metal, MDF, and more. It primes the surface for painting and ultimately results in a superior finish. There are many different types of primer paint for both interior and exterior use, including quick dry, water-based and solvent-based, as well as spray-on acrylic primer. Primer and undercoat products are essential for professional quality painting. At Toolstation, you’ll find trade quality primers and undercoats at friendly and affordable prices.

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