Laser Levels

Achieve consistent straight lines with our range of high-quality laser levels at Toolstation. We stock DeWalt, Silverline and Bosch laser levels and tools, as well as choices from an array of other leading brands. Whether you are hanging up a new piece of furniture or installing new flooring, a laser spirit level can help you achieve the precision you require. A laser level works by projecting a laser beam onto a surface, acting as a tool to mimic straight lines. Our laser spirit levels are industry trusted and suitable for an array of construction or DIY jobs. We offer rotary laser levels that rotate 360° for a constant reference line at all angles, perfect for larger-scale projects. The Leica Geosystems rotary laser level offers superior accuracy and comes with a Rod Eye Basic laser receiver, extending the laser’s use further than visible range. For a smarter, more self-sufficient solution, choose from our range of self-levelling laser levels. The DeWalt DW089K-XJ 3 way self-levelling laser level offers bright red beams and self-levelling of up to 4 degrees surface angle. For ultimate accuracy, this device also automatically indicates when levels are not completely straight. Ensure your construction projects are precise and accurate with our selection of top-rated laser levels. Browse the full range online at Toolstation. Spend over £25 to receive free delivery or click and collect from your nearest Toolstation branch.
                    DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt DW088K-XJ Laser Level Red - 98428 - from Toolstation
                    ( 49 )
                    DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt DW089CG-XJ Multi Line Laser Green - 62400 - from Toolstation
                    ( 6 )
                    Bosch Bosch Bosch Professional LR7 Receiver  - 41550 - from Toolstation
                    ( 4 )
                    Stanley Stanley Stanley Cubix Laser Level Red - 18629 - from Toolstation ( 39 )
                    Stanley Stanley Stanley Laser Tripod  - 46753 - from Toolstation ( 27 )
                    Stanley Stanley Stanley Target Plate Red - 97424 - from Toolstation ( 3 )
                    DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt Line Laser Detector Green - 40258 - from Toolstation ( 8 )
                    Stanley Stanley Stanley 360° Line Laser Level Red - 10795 - from Toolstation
                    ( 1 )
                    Stanley Stanley Stanley Target Plate Green - 59313 - from Toolstation ( 4 )

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