Outdoor & Patio Heaters

Want to use your patios, deckings and outdoor spaces all year round? With an electric patio heater, you won’t have to wait for the hot summer weather to enjoy evenings outdoors. Instead, take the chill out of the air and create a cosy atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family. Wall-mounted patio heaters can be positioned to deliver maximum heat coverage for the areas you use the most. If you’re installing it higher up, remember to choose an outdoor wall heater with a handy pull cord to switch it on – or even better, a remote control. If you pick an electric outdoor heater with a pivoting head, you’ll be able to adjust the angles and direct heat to the most important areas. Your outdoor electric heater doesn’t have to be attached to a wall though. Many models can also be fixed to a stand, allowing you to reposition them time and time again – this type of electric garden heater is particularly useful if you enjoy using different spots outside, and don’t want permanent installations everywhere.
                        Zinc Zinc Outdoor Large Ceiling or Wall Heater 2800W - 53557 - from Toolstation
                        Zinc Zinc 2 Headed 2 x 800W Parasol Heater 1600W - 38183 - from Toolstation
                        Zinc Zinc Outdoor Large Pedestal Heater & LED Tri-Light 2960W - 72070 - from Toolstation

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