Building Tools

Buy quality builder hand tools for a variety of construction work including flooring, roofing and plastering tools. We sell builder tools from Marshalltown, Ragni and Roughneck. There are some builder tools that every builder has in their arsenal, including hand tools such as trowels to be used as bricklaying tools. The Marshalltown trowel makes brick laying easy; and we have other pointing and brick trowels from Marshalltown and Ragni. To prepare for brick laying, we have a range of paddles that can be used with electric drills to mix cement and plaster. Choose from our range of plastering tools including plastering hawks and edging trowels. Browse a variety of plasterers’ tools to cover you from start to finish such as the bucket trowel, plastering float and finishing trowel. We stock Roughneck tools such as the laminate floor cutter to provide you with the flooring tools to fit carpet and flooring. It can cut flooring from 11mm up to 200mm. For an all-in-one solution, choose laminate floor fitting kits which include floor pulling bars and fitting wedges. For carpet fitting, we have carpet laying tools from Draper that have been rated 5-star. For roofing tools, we have Roughneck tools including their slate cutter and slate ripper, used for replacing damaged slate and shearing off fixing nails. Alternatively, the slate hammer has dual functionality for making holes in slate. Spend over £25 online for free delivery or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
                            Black Plastic Bucket 14.5L - 68562 - from Toolstation ( 268 )
                            Flexi Tub 40L Yellow - 79794 - from Toolstation ( 183 )
                            Yellow Builders Bucket 13.5L - 61829 - from Toolstation ( 47 )
                            Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Plasterers Mixing Bucket 25L White - 48580 - from Toolstation ( 34 )
                            Cement Mixing Tray Octagonal - 43112 - from Toolstation ( 251 )
                            Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur Soft Grip Trowel Set  - 73351 - from Toolstation
                            ( 10 )
                            Marshalltown Marshalltown Marshalltown Brick Jointer 3/4" x 7/8" - 34354 - from Toolstation ( 57 )
                            Ragni Ragni Ragni Line Pins and Brick Line Set  - 94144 - from Toolstation
                            ( 15 )

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