Drain Rods & Plungers

When a pipe needs unblocking, drain rods and plungers are two of the most valuable tools. These tools use different methods to tackle blockages in various plumbing applications.

What Is a Plunger?

Plungers can unblock pipes fast and effectively or clean pipes in basins, sinks, baths and showers. A plunger works through a push-pull action. When you push it down, it pushes the water down and increases pressure in the pipe, and when you pull it, the suction causes the water to rise.

What Is a Drain Rod?

Drain rods are long, flexible tools that can be fed into pipes, including toilets and other domestic drainage pipes, to help clean and unblock them. These rods can be fitted with various heads and accessories to address difficult blockages and cleaning tasks. We have a wide range of drain rods and plungers at Toolstation from leading brands such as Rothenberger, Minotaur and Draper. Our selection of plumbing tools also contains force pumps and drain blast unblockers, which use high-pressure water to clear blockages. You’ll also find various drain chimney brush heads, double worm screws and other accessories.
                    Batteries Included
                        Rothenberger Rothenberger  Rothenberger Ropump Super Plus Force Pump  - 69605 - from Toolstation
                        ( 3 )
                        Draper Draper Draper Big Sink Plunger 125mm - 16968 - from Toolstation ( 127 )
                        Silverline Silverline Drain Blast Unblocker  - 93465 - from Toolstation ( 90 )
                        Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger Drain Rod Set  - 90029 - from Toolstation ( 145 )
                        Double Worm Screw 50mm - 27393 - from Toolstation ( 20 )
                        Drain Unblocker 6mm x 6m - 87734 - from Toolstation ( 170 )
                        Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger Clearing Wheel  - 33756 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                        Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger Drain Brush 4'' - 57378 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                        Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Heavy Duty G Clamps 1,2 & 3” - 46136 - from Toolstation ( 14 )
                        Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger R600 230V Drain Cleaning Kit & Spiral Kit 16mm & 22mm - 78169 - from Toolstation
                        Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger 110V Drain Cleaning Kit & Spiral Kit 16mm & 22mm - 74881 - from Toolstation
                        Rothenberger Rothenberger Set Rospimatic Cordless SP18  - 39076 - from Toolstation

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