Files & Rasps

Discover the file and rasp selection available at Toolstation, including flat files, needle files and file sets from trusted brands Silverline and Draper. Files and rasps are designed to be used between saws and sandpaper.

The Draper file set of 16-pieces consists of hand and needle files, ideal for finishing and shaping metal. Needle files are small files designed for precision work; the smooth edge on one side ensures the file doesn’t mark metal.

Alternatively, we stock a 4-piece Draper file set with a flat file, half round file, round file and three square. These files can be used for creating grooves, and for finishing metal. Each file is made from hardened and tempered high carbon steel with soft grip handles and incorporating hang hole.

Shape wood and other materials with a rasp set. Rasps are coarse files that have individually cut teeth, making them ideal to be used to smooth a surface. Rasps have uniform teeth, ensuring an even finish and quick work of metal removal and shaping. The Silverline rasp set comes complete with round, half round and flat rasps. Each rasp has a polypropylene soft grip handle and hardened blade.

Spend over £10 online and receive free delivery or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
                                Silverline Silverline File Set 250mm - 70348 - from Toolstation ( 13 )
                                Draper Draper Needle File Set  - 30370 - from Toolstation ( 19 )
                                30370 Needle File Set
                                ex. VAT £3.04
                                6 Piece

                                Assorted 140mm needle files.

                                Silverline Silverline Rasp Set  - 45198 - from Toolstation ( 12 )
                                Draper Draper Draper 200mm File Set  - 46016 - from Toolstation ( 10 )
                                Draper Draper Draper File Set  - 54657 - from Toolstation ( 5 )
                                Diamond Diamond Needle File Set  - 89780 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                                GRIP Mill File 200mm - 74706 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                                Flat File 250mm - 68357 - from Toolstation
                                68357 Flat File 250mm
                                ex. VAT £4.39

                                Double injection soft grip handle.

                                Wood Rasp Half Round - 36854 - from Toolstation
                                36854 Wood Rasp Half Round
                                ex. VAT £4.15

                                Double injection soft grip handle. 200mm blade

                                Warding File Set  - 50474 - from Toolstation ( 7 )
                                Round File 200mm - 61344 - from Toolstation
                                Half Round File 200mm - 13603 - from Toolstation
                                Chainsaw File 6mm x 200mm - 74774 - from Toolstation
                                Flat File 200mm - 92322 - from Toolstation
                                92322 Flat File 200mm
                                ex. VAT £4.15

                                Double injection soft grip handle.

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