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Wallpaper Steamers

Peel away old, stubborn wallpaper with ease using our range of wallpaper strippers at Toolstation.

How Do Wallpaper Strippers Work?

Wallpaper strippers work by steaming the paper off the wall, loosening the wallpaper itself and any glue residue on the wall. Steam-based wallpaper strippers can tackle various wall coverings, from woodchip paper to wallpaper that has been painted over.

Do Wallpaper Stripping Tools Damage the Walls?

You’ll find a wide range of quality wallpaper strippers and steamers at Toolstation from brands such as Wagner and Draper. We have all the tools to make decorating easier, from affordable steamers suitable for straightforward wallpaper removal to premier steam strippers for bigger jobs. Choose high-end steam masters if you’re a professional or contractor, with high-volume water tanks designed for durable use and longer mains cables for hard-to-reach areas.

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