Rollers & Poles

Apply paint seamlessly and in all areas of the domestic or commercial property with our range of rollers, frames, trays and extension poles for all painting and decorating purposes. Paint rollers permit easy application of paint to walls and ceilings rapidly and efficiently. Toolstation supplies a variety of paint rollers including masonry rollers, corner paint rollers and foam paint rollers. Browse our trusted range of paint roller products such as Nour rollers, Prodec paint rollers, and the Rota paint roller kit. For different types of paint and purposes, there is a variety of paint roller types including the foam paint roller. To reach smaller areas, switch your roller sleeves to our Prodec mini paint roller sleeves, Prodec advance roller sleeve or Decoroy mini paint roller sleeves. Extend the reach of painting and decorating with an extension pole for those hard to reach areas and ceilings. Choose from the Prodec Advance Super Lock Paint Roller extension pole or the Prodec Fireglass & Aluminium roller extension pole alongside many others. We have a wide range of 9" roller frames from Prodec, Prodec Advance and Nour, and unique 12" roller frames from Nour. Toolstation offers free delivery for orders over £25 or click and collect at your nearest branch.
                            Roller Tray 4" Mini - 86594 - from Toolstation ( 160 )
                            Roller Tray 9" - 90055 - from Toolstation ( 92 )
                            90055 Roller Tray 9"
                            ex. VAT £1.47

                            Black plastic roller tray, available in 4" mini, 9" or ...Read more

                            Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Perfection Roller Sleeve Medium 9" - 25700 - from Toolstation ( 54 )
                            ProDec Advance ProDec Advance Prodec Advance Roller Sleeve 9" Microfibre Medium Pile - 68649 - from Toolstation ( 68 )
                            Prep Prep Mini Roller Frame 4" Long Handle - 52172 - from Toolstation ( 54 )
                            Prep Prep Mini Roller Frame 4" Short Handle - 77076 - from Toolstation ( 22 )
                            Roller Tray 15" - 11328 - from Toolstation ( 160 )
                            11328 Roller Tray 15"
                            ex. VAT £3.25

                            Black plastic roller tray, available in 4" mini, 9" or ...Read more

                            Mini Roller Sleeves 4" High Density Foam - 52294 - from Toolstation ( 77 )
                            Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Perfection Roller Sleeve Medium 12" - 79073 - from Toolstation ( 24 )
                            Mini Roller Sleeves 4" Medium Pile - 85928 - from Toolstation ( 29 )
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