Heat Guns

Heat guns have a variety of practical applications. Blasting a stream of hot air, they can melt and soften painted or varnished surfaces, speed up drying times, shape and bend plastics, shrink electrical tubing or loosen nuts and bolts. Most models have a range of power settings, variable temperature controls and interchangeable nozzles.

Cordless Heat Guns

Cordless heat guns are safer due to the lack of trailing wires and provide enhanced mobility when working, making them ideal for outdoor usage and working on the move.

Corded Heat Guns

Corded heat guns have the advantage of running while plugged in. Traditionally, corded heat guns were hotter and more powerful, but technology has levelled the playing field. At Toolstation, you’ll find affordable cordless and corded heat guns from top brands such as Wagner, DeWalt, Draper and Einhell.
                        Batteries Included
                          Wagner Wagner Wagner Furno 300 1600W Heat Gun 230V - 89110 - from Toolstation
                          ( 53 )
                          Makita Makita Makita Heat Gun 1400W 110V - 91167 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                          Makita Makita Makita Heat Gun 1600W 240V - 11637 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                          Makita Makita Makita Heat Gun LED Display 240V - 61112 - from Toolstation
                          Makita Makita Makita Heat Gun LED Display 110V - 10625 - from Toolstation
                          Einhell Einhell Einhell PXC 18V Heat Gun Body Only - 92186 - from Toolstation
                          Draper Draper Draper D20 20V Heat Gun Body Only - 80960 - from Toolstation

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