Kitchen Ceiling Lights

At Toolstation, we have a wide range of ceiling strip lights from many trusted brands, so you can pick a lighting solution you love. There’s something to suit every taste and budget, so you’re bound to find the lighting solution you’ve been searching for. Browse our most popular kitchen strip lights and LED ceiling lights below. Ceiling Strip Lights Are you looking to add style with some new kitchen lighting? We’ve got you covered with our range of strip lights to use throughout your space. Strip lights are a leading choice for kitchens, thanks to their sleek appearance and optimal brightness. Suppose you’re looking to illuminate your kitchen worktops, island, or entire space and achieve a modern aesthetic. In that case, strip lights are a perfect kitchen lighting solution. LED Ceiling Lights LED strip lights are an excellent option for brightening up any kitchen. Explore our range of LED kitchen lights and find a perfect solution for your space. Looking for an energy-efficient lighting solution that still provides you with the light you need to cook, entertain, and relax? Find LED ceiling lights for style and practicality combined.
                      Meridian Lighting Meridian Lighting LED Link Lights 4.5W 310mm 330lm - 33590 - from Toolstation ( 39 )
                      Meridian Lighting Meridian Lighting LED Link Lights 6.5W 570mm 530lm - 59732 - from Toolstation ( 99 )
                      LED Link Lights 8W 570mm 720lm A+ - 51423 - from Toolstation ( 93 )
                      Meridian Lighting Meridian Lighting LED Link Lights 10.5W 870mm 830lm - 70832 - from Toolstation ( 99 )
                      Meridian Lighting Meridian Lighting LED Link Lights 13.5W 1170mm 1100lm - 74853 - from Toolstation ( 99 )
                      Kitchen Kitchen LED Link Lights 4W 310mm 360lm A+ - 11728 - from Toolstation ( 33 )
                      LED Link Lights 12W 870mm 1080lm A+ - 44019 - from Toolstation ( 93 )
                      LED Link Lights 16W 1170mm 1440lm A+ - 85706 - from Toolstation ( 93 )

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