Floor Finishes & Varnishes

Your choice of floor finish can completely transform a space. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, floor surfaces sometimes get taken for granted, but given that they’re often the biggest spaces in (or outside) our homes, we feel they deserve a quality finish to match. Toolstation is pleased to stock a range of floor finishes including quick drying floor varnishes and waxes, and polyurethane varnish in both satin and gloss for kitchen furniture, internal doors, and other joinery products.

Wood Floor Varnish

Floor varnish will protect your wooden floors against knocks, scratches, and spillages. You can choose from several different types of varnish from brands such as Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Varnish or Rustin water-based, quick-drying satin floor varnish, which is touch dry in just 20 minutes.

Floorboard Varnish

Wood floor varnish can also be applied to floorboards to add extra protection. Look for products with a non-yellowing, quick drying finish to bring out the natural sheen of your floorboards. Floor wax is also available for wooden floors and floorboards, offering similar protection with a more natural finish.

Laminate Floor Varnish

Laminate is an affordable alternative to wood or tiled floors, and while it can’t be treated exactly the same as wood, certain products such as Polyurethane varnish can be used to seal and protect laminate flooring with a water-resistant coating. It’s worth noting that some wood floor varnishes cannot be used on laminate however. Just because we walk all over them, it doesn’t mean our floors should be neglected. Give your floors a quality finish by choosing from the great value product range available at Toolstation with brands such as Ronseal, Rusti, and Barrettine.
                              Barrettine Barrettine Polyurethane Varnish Satin 1L - 27743 - from Toolstation ( 104 )
                              Barrettine Barrettine Polyurethane Varnish Gloss 1L - 19798 - from Toolstation ( 77 )
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                              Barrettine Barrettine Clear Floor Wax 2.5L - 13048 - from Toolstation ( 40 )

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