Plunge Saws

These handheld circular saws are used by carpenters, joiners, kitchen fitters and builders alike. Plunge saws usually come with a guide rail or track, providing a straight line to cut along.

What Are Plunge Saws Used For?

Their ability to perform plunge cuts gives them an advantage over other saws for complex cutting tasks. Plunge saws can cut through solid timber, melamine, plywood, MDF, laminate, and more. They offer more accurate cuts than table saws and produce less dust as a result.

How to Use Track Saw Guide Rails

Track saw guide rails provide a line to cut along and hold the plunge saw blade firmly in place while you work, guaranteeing precise, accurate cuts every time. Guide rails are crucial for anyone using this type of saw and can be purchased as an all-in-one unit.

How Are Plunge Saws Different From Circular Saws?

Circular saws have an exposed blade with a retractable guard whilst a plunge saw blade is enclosed, allowing for greater precision when cutting, increased safety and less dust. You’ll find a wide range of plunge saws, guide rails and accessories at Toolstation from quality brands such as Scheppach, Festool, DeWalt, Draper and Triton.
                        Festool Festool Festool FS Guide Rail 1 x 800mm - 30172 - from Toolstation ( 13 )
                        Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach PL55 1200W 160mm Plunge Saw 240V - 49542 - from Toolstation ( 7 )
                        Festool Festool Festool FS Guide Rail 1 x 1400mm - 11247 - from Toolstation ( 13 )
                        Festool Festool Festool FS Guide Rail Splinter Guard - 40098 - from Toolstation ( 13 )
                        Festool Festool Festool FS Guide Rail x1 Joiner Bar - 84552 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                        Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach PL55-P2 160mm Plunge Saw + 2800mm Guide Rails 230V - 75273 - from Toolstation ( 3 )
                        Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach PL75-P1 1600W 210mm Plunge Saw + 1 x 1400mm Guide Rail 230V - 71293 - from Toolstation
                        Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach PL75 1600W 210mm Plunge Saw 230V - 64540 - from Toolstation
                        Festool Festool Festool FS Guide Rail Guide Rail Bag - 51896 - from Toolstation ( 13 )
                        Festool Festool Festool TS 55 PLUS 160mm Plunge Cut Saw Splinter Guard - 34917 - from Toolstation

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