Card Payment Readers

Keep your business up to date with the latest technology when you invest in a high-quality contactless card reader from Toolstation. Choose a wireless card terminal for compact design, increased portability and quick installation without compromising security or transaction speed. Plus, there’s no need to hide unsightly cables!

What are the Different Types of Card Readers?

At Toolstation, we stock a range of card readers, including compact card terminals and Wi-Fi card readers. All models are compatible with chip and pin or contactless payments, so customers can use their preferred payment method. Find high-quality wireless card terminals with a reliable Wi-Fi connection for smoother, faster transactions. Some models also come with a charging cradle and receipt printer, so you can get set up straight away and start processing payments. Shop our selection of card reader machines here, with products available from trusted brands like SumUp.
                                SumUp SumUp SumUp 3G+ WiFi Card Reader Payment Kit  - 56532 - from Toolstation
                                ( 35 )
                                SumUp SumUp SumUp Air Card Reader  - 78875 - from Toolstation
                                ( 96 )
                                SumUp SumUp SumUp Solo Smart Card Terminal  - 81013 - from Toolstation
                                ( 8 )

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