Kitchen Under-Cabinet Strip Lights

If your kitchen needs brightening up, choose from our range of kitchen strip lights to fit under your cabinets and cupboards. Under-cabinet strip lights can also be an excellent choice for around the house in any rooms that don’t get much natural light. Why not try some under-cabinet strip lights for your wardrobe or bathroom cupboards, and discover this quick and easy-to-install lighting solution for use around the home. Browse our selection of LED strip lighting below, available in different designs to suit any home. Bluetooth Cabinet Lights If you’re looking to add a modern touch to your kitchen, why not opt for some Bluetooth cabinet lights? Customise your space with coloured light options. You can also change the ambience of any room with built-in dimmer settings. Whether you’re cooking or entertaining, Bluetooth cabinet lights can do it all. These LED Bluetooth strip lights make a great addition to any room, with the added bonus of being controllable remotely from any of your devices.
                            Green Lighting Green Lighting LED IP65 Flexible Strip Light 300mm 1.44W Warm White - 36363 - from Toolstation ( 4 )
                            Sensio Sensio Sensio LED Low Voltage Wedge Under Cabinet Light Kit 24V Cool White - 94487 - from Toolstation
                            4lite WiZ 4lite WiZ 4lite WiZ LED Smart Strip Light - Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 2 Metres - 15052 - from Toolstation

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