Toolstation Club Member Benefits

  • Get a 5% discount shopping with Toolstation for the first month (discount will be applied within 48 hours).
  • As a member, you'll receive exclusive discounts not available to everyone.
  • Take part in our year-round competitions and stand a chance to win various rewards and prizes.
  • Enjoy additional perks and surprises as part of our loyalty scheme.
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Toolstation Club Member Benefits

Toolstation Club FAQs

Who can become a Toolstation Club member?

What benefits do I get as a Toolstation Club member?

How do I maintain my 5% discount?

What if I don’t meet the spend criteria?

Are there any exclusions to the 5% discount?

What's the difference between the Toolstation Club and the Toolstation Trade Account?

Can I sign up to both the Toolstation Trade Account and the Toolstation Club?

Are the discounts cumulative if I am a Toolstation Trade Account customer and sign up to the Toolstation App?

Will I receive communications from Toolstation Club?

Can I opt-out of Toolstation Club communications?

How do I cancel my Toolstation Club membership?