Plasterboard Tape

.At Toolstation, we stock a range of plaster tape, with options available to suit all budgets and construction projects. If you’re looking for joint plasterboard tape, scrim tape, or drywall tape, we’ve got plenty of products available from all the top brands. What are the different types of plasterboard joint tapes? There are two different types of plasterboard joint tape: scrim tape and paper tape. Scrim tape is a self-adhesive tape made out of fibreglass. It’s a popular choice for any plasterboard application, as it’s more durable than traditional paper tape. The fibreglass scrim tape mesh structure makes it an excellent choice for reinforcing joints, providing optimal adhesion without any air bubbles. Paper plasterboard joint tape requires applying a jointing compound to secure it in place, as it is not self-adhesive. It’s an excellent choice for working at sharp angles, as it can be folded to give a neat finish, unlike scrim tape, which is harder to manipulate.

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