Sealant & Foam Tools

View a selection of sealant tools to apply, control and remove sealant with ease. We stock sealant guns, silicone remover and profiling tools at Toolstation from well-known brands including Cox, Cramer and Prodec. Find a sealant gun to suit your sealant size and purpose, such as the PC Cox Easiflow sealant gun that’s heavy duty and fits 310ml and 400ml cartridges, the Prodec standard sealant gun and a rotating sealant gun for 400ml and 900ml applications. Remove silicone as easily as you applied it with silicone remover tools such as the Fugi silicone removal, silicone eater and profiling tool to remove grout and give a professional finish. Find other profiling tools such as the Cramer Fugi 3-piece profiling tool to apply sealant to up to 16 different profiles. Stock up on extra sealant cartridge nozzles that fits most cartridges to ensure any sealant can be applied with accuracy. Spend over £25 online to benefit from free delivery or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
                              ProDec ProDec Prodec Standard Applicator Sealant Gun 425ml - 52047 - from Toolstation ( 155 )
                              Cox Cox PC Cox Easiflow Sealant Gun 400ml - 73214 - from Toolstation
                              ( 78 )
                              Rotating Sealant Gun 400ml - 35102 - from Toolstation ( 133 )
                              35102 Rotating Sealant Gun 400ml
                              ex. VAT £5.27
                              Per unit £15.83/L

                              Barrel rotates to allow for smooth application. Heavy d ...Read more

                              Everbuild Everbuild Spare Cartridge Nozzles  - 40588 - from Toolstation ( 39 )
                              Everbuild Everbuild P65 Foam Gun Heavy Duty - 28929 - from Toolstation ( 11 )
                              Rotating Sealant Gun 900ml - 74611 - from Toolstation ( 17 )
                              74611 Rotating Sealant Gun 900ml
                              ex. VAT £14.31
                              Per unit £19.08/L

                              Barrel rotates to allow for smooth application. Heavy d ...Read more

                              Professional Foam Gun  - 93227 - from Toolstation ( 40 )
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