Wheelbarrows have been a gardeners’ best friend for years. Gardeners aren’t the only ones who love them of course. Simple and ingenious, wheelbarrows are used every day by builders and workmen on construction sites, as well as by DIY enthusiasts in home renovation. Why? Because they make life easier. When you need to physically transport heavy loads from A to B by hand, whether it’s garden waste or bricks, then a wheelbarrow is simply indispensable. Garden wheelbarrow We have durable plastic and polypropylene moulded wheelbarrows which are lightweight and manoeuvrable while still being strong, making them ideal for all DIY and gardening applications. Meanwhile, for heavier loads, Toolstation also stock garden trolleys, with loading capacities of 200kg-400kg, for transporting tools, logs, plants, rocks, or compost bags around the garden. Builder’s wheelbarrow Heavy duty pre-galvanised British-made builders wheelbarrows offer extra strength and durability thanks to the fully-welded body, double rolled edges, and 150kg weight capacity. There are several versions available, including a Duraball ball wheelbarrow for additional manoeuvrability. Metal wheelbarrow When transporting heavy loads, few materials are better than steel. Toolstation stocks several British-made galvanised wheelbarrows, which have been ergonomically designed for safe load distribution with a fully-welded galvanised body with double rolled edges for additional strength and stamped sides of body giving extra rigidity. You’ll find a range of wheelbarrows available at Toolstation from brands such as Walsall Wheelbarrow Company and The Handy.
                                Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Easiload Galvanised Wheelbarrow 85L Pneumatic Wheel - 32288 - from Toolstation ( 325 )
                                Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Easiload Galvanised Wheelbarrow 85L Puncture Proof Wheel - 96883 - from Toolstation ( 200 )
                                The Handy The Handy The Handy 350kg Large Garden Trolley  - 16007 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                                The Handy The Handy The Handy 200kg Poly Body Garden Trolley  - 35306 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                                The Handy The Handy  The Handy 400kg Garden Trolley with Liner & Tool Tray  - 16698 - from Toolstation ( 4 )

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