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Whether you're a professional mechanic or want to maintain your vehicle at home, browse our car cleaning supplies and tools here. Shop our most trusted automotive brands including Draper, Karcher, Einhell and Van Guard.

Vehicle Cleaning Accessories

Vehicle cleaning accessories make maintaining cars and vans easy and effective. Our vehicle cleaning accessories include microfibre cloths and wash mitts for gentle cleaning, plus tyre brushes and detailing sprays for a polished finish. You can also find vacuum attachments, air fresheners and windshield cleaning tools at Toolstation.

Find interior and exterior car cleaning products here to keep cars, vans and motorcycles looking their best, from shampoos, sprays, waxes, sponges and brushes to de-icer, anti-freeze and screenwash.

Mechanics Tools

Mechanics tools are essential in automotive repair – find spanners, sockets, wrenches and screwdrivers in our range, plus advanced diagnostic tools, power drills and pneumatic equipment for enhanced efficiency.

Invest in quality mechanics tools like spanner sets, socket sets and hex keys to make fixing vehicles efficient. Changing car tyres is easy with jacks, compressors, stands, winches, torque wrenches and inflators. We also supply replacement car light bulbs compatible with most vehicles.

Car Accessories

Car tool kits come in handy when your vehicle breaks down. Invest in a car battery charger, jump leads, towing ropes and diagnostic tools to check your car is running smoothly. Ensure your vehicle's safety and security with anti-theft lockable roof bars or blackout car window film.

Car Bulbs

Car bulbs are essential, providing light for improved visibility and safety. Our range includes halogen, LED and HID car light bulbs offering different brightness levels and colour temperatures. Regularly checking and replacing bulbs ensures optimal performance for safer driving in all conditions.