Car Polishers & Buffers

Designed to leave your vehicle gleaming while removing scratches and imperfections, car polishers and buffers can help any chassis look brand new. Alongside electric polishers and car buffers, Toolstation stocks a wide range of accessories, including sanding and polishing kits, lambswool bonnets, polishing mops, backing pads, drill polishing kits and polishing sponges.

What Are Car Polishers & Buffers Used For?

Car polishers and buffers are designed to restore your vehicle’s shine. While polishers use abrasives to clean and polish, buffing removes a thin layer of paintwork. When used correctly, these tools can effectively remove scratches, nicks, and other defects, making your vehicle look as good as new.

What Are Car Polishers?

Car polishing machines include random orbital polishers, rotary polishers and dual action polishers which combine the two. Some dual action tools can also be used as a sander, whilst cordless models offer extra portability. When choosing a polisher, consider the motor torque, speed settings, weight, noise and accessories included. Find affordable tools and accessories for buffing and polishing at Toolstation from quality brands such as Toolpak, Draper and Power.
                              Power Power Polishing Set  - 58727 - from Toolstation ( 123 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak ABS Hook & Loop Backing Pad 125mm - 11461 - from Toolstation ( 30 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak Sanding/Polishing Kit 125mm - 89422 - from Toolstation ( 52 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak Rubber Backing Pad 115mm - 44509 - from Toolstation ( 30 )
                              Power Power Drawstring Lambswool Bonnet 125mm - 80677 - from Toolstation ( 22 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak Polishing Sponge 150mm White - 11874 - from Toolstation ( 29 )
                              Drawstring Lambswool Bonnet 180mm - 96595 - from Toolstation ( 13 )
                              Power Power Goblet Polishing Mop 50mm - 11969 - from Toolstation ( 8 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak ABS Hook & Loop Backing Pad 180mm - 82960 - from Toolstation
                              ( 5 )
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                              ex. VAT £2.02

                              For use with polishing bonnets. Fits all 125mm and 180m ...Read more

                              Toolpak Toolpak Polishing Sponge 150mm Blue Soft - 33265 - from Toolstation ( 29 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak Polishing Sponge 150mm Red Very Soft - 21642 - from Toolstation ( 8 )

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