An excellent way to add charm and character to a garden, an arbour seat makes for the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space. At Toolstation, we stock a quality selection of arbours in a range of shapes and styles, always available at affordable prices. That means there’s something here to suit every home and budget right here. Corner Arbours Bring empty or awkward areas of your garden to life with one of our corner arbour seat designs. Available from leading manufacturers like Rowlinson and Forest Garden, all our wooden garden arbours make use of high quality, treated timber and offer protection from the elements, with the addition of slatted roofs and sunshades. Painted Garden Arbours Make your garden pop when you choose one of Toolstation’s painted garden arbours. Each of these products comes readily painted, but can be repainted or stained with ease in any tone of your choosing, to match any existing sheds or fences. With handy features like hinged under seat storage and lattice designs that are perfect for climbing plants, these arbours feel right at home in any garden.
                                Forest Forest Forest Garden Lyon Arbour 200cm (h) x 156cm (w) x 67cm (d) - 76275 - from Toolstation ( 3 )
                                Forest Forest Forest Garden Cadiz Arbour 197cm (h) x 169cm (w) x 73cm (d) - 43874 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                                Forest Forest Forest Garden Parisienne Arbour 212cm (h) x 154cm (w) x 66cm (d) - 99535 - from Toolstation
                                Forest Forest Forest Garden Sorrento Arbour 202cm (h) x 217cm (w) x 199cm (d) - 99244 - from Toolstation
                                Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Keswick Arbour 207.5 (h) x 132cm (w) x 80cm (d) - 53453 - from Toolstation
                                Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Winchester Arbour 213.5cm (h) x 139cm (w) x 70cm (d) - 48328 - from Toolstation
                                Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Salisbury Arbour 207.5cm (h) x 163cm (w) x 74cm (d) - 47027 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                                Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Modena Arbour 199cm (h) x 134cm (w) x 80cm (d) - 44114 - from Toolstation
                                Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Victoria Arbour 199cm (h) x 134cm (w) x 80cm (d) - 36682 - from Toolstation
                                Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Jaipur Arbour 207.5cm (h) x 133cm (w) x 80cm (d) - 23406 - from Toolstation
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