Protect and redecorate decking, fences, sheds, yachts and more with our range of wood paint, wood stains and decking oil from Toolstation. We stock a variety of quality deck paint and stains from reputable brands including Ronseal, Barrettine and Rustins to ensure a high-quality finish. Restore and nourish decking with Rustins decking oil after removing dirt and grime from the decking with Rustins decking cleaner. Ronseal decking oil protects decking by preventing water from soaking in and causing damage. Revitalise exterior wood with our selection of deck stains and wood paint. Cuprinol offer anti slip decking stain with anti-slip microbeads to reduce the risk of accidents. Cuprinol wood paint is available to buy in a vast range of stunning shades to fill gardens with colour. Keep wood floors looking fresh and new for years with our selection of wood floor polish, floor wax and wood varnishes. For a quick drying solution, use Barrettine clear floor wax. This floor wax protects and provides a lasting sheen. Protect floors from knocks, scratches and spillages with Ronseal diamond hard floor varnish. This speedy wood floor polish dries in just 30 minutes and can be recoated just 2 hours later. At Toolstation we offer a variety of wood oils to repair and retain indoor wood. Extend the durability and enhance the natural beauty of kitchen furniture, doors and other joinery products with Barrettine wood varnish. Barrettine clear teak oil nourishes hard woods, including teak, and prevents wood from weathering and greying. Give bare or unfinished wood a high shine and durable finish with Briwax original. Spend over £25 online for free delivery or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch
                          Barrettine Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment 5L Clear - 68513 - from Toolstation ( 477 )
                          Ronseal Ronseal Ronseal One Coat Fence Life 5L Dark Oak - 22720 - from Toolstation ( 291 )
                          Barrettine Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment 5L Light Brown - 93006 - from Toolstation ( 607 )
                          Barrettine Barrettine Methylated Spirit 500ml - 30522 - from Toolstation ( 38 )
                          Briwax Briwax Briwax Original 400g Clear - 95790 - from Toolstation ( 115 )
                          Rustins Rustins Rustins Quick Dry Varnish Satin Clear 500ml - 42344 - from Toolstation ( 82 )
                          Briwax Briwax Briwax Wax Repair Sticks Medium - 62562 - from Toolstation ( 42 )
                          Briwax Briwax Briwax Original 400g Dark Oak - 36867 - from Toolstation ( 110 )
                          Barrettine Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment 5L Dark Brown - 41022 - from Toolstation ( 607 )
                          Barrettine Barrettine Danish Oil 500ml - 51694 - from Toolstation ( 80 )
                          Barrettine Barrettine Polyurethane Varnish Satin 1L - 27743 - from Toolstation ( 50 )
                          Ronseal Ronseal Ronseal One Coat Fence Life 5L Medium Oak - 56211 - from Toolstation ( 170 )
                          Wood Protective Treatment 5L Golden Brown - 48655 - from Toolstation ( 607 )
                          Rustins Rustins Rustins Quick Drying Clear MDF Primer Sealer 500ml - 87589 - from Toolstation ( 30 )
                          Barrettine Barrettine Methylated Spirit 2L - 99550 - from Toolstation ( 59 )
                          99550 Methylated Spirit 2L
                          ex. VAT £8.32

                          Sale will be restricted to over 18s.

                          Barrettine Barrettine Yacht Varnish 1L - 80093 - from Toolstation ( 92 )
                          Rustins Rustins Rustins Original Danish Oil 500ml - 67335 - from Toolstation ( 58 )
                          Bedec Bedec Bedec Multi Surface Paint Matt Anthracite 750ml - 44522 - from Toolstation ( 479 )
                          Barrettine Barrettine Barrettine All In One Decking Oil Treatment Clear 5L - 25816 - from Toolstation ( 260 )
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