Screwdriver Accessories

Browse our huge selection of screwdriver bits for drilling power tools and hand tools. Our range includes standard screwdriver bits, masonry drill bits, bit holders and diamond bits. We provide drill bits from high-quality brands including DeWalt, Milwaukee, Silverline and Wera.

Our versatile range of drill bit sets can be used for a range of applications. Choose between the PZ2 and PH2 Abracs screwdriver drill bit sets, available in packs of 25 to 100. These drill bits are made with S2 premium construction and suitable for heavy duty screwdriving applications. For a handy drill bit set, choose the Draper Expert screwdriver bit set, available in 8-piece to 60-piece sets.

The premium Milwaukee shockwave impact screwdriver bits feature an improved tip design to ensure no slipping. For a drill bit set that includes a wide variety of drill bits, opt for the JCB Combination Drill & bit set which includes masonry, wood drill and magnetic drill nut socket adaptor.

For drilling resistant materials such as stone, brick or block concrete, shop for masonry drill bits. The DeWalt SDS Plus Masonry drill bit set is available as an 8-piece set and is designed to be highly durable.

Securely affix drill bits to power tools and hand tools with our selection of bit holders. The Toolpak magnetic hex nut & bolt driver is ideally suited for self-drilling screws for fixing roofing sheets and cladding. We also supply drill bit holders for dry walls, with a magnetic even retracting to reduce the risk of accidents.

For professional quality diamond bits, choose the Wera Impaktor screwdriver bit, designed to withstand the power of all impact drivers. For high quality trade use, we supply gold screwdriver bits from Wera in a range of sizes and available in PZ2, PZ1, PZ3 and more.

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                              DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt Screwdriver Bits PZ2 - 22315 - from Toolstation ( 122 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak Magnetic Bit Holder Set  - 99722 - from Toolstation ( 132 )
                              Draper Draper Draper Security Bit Set  - 52910 - from Toolstation ( 228 )
                              DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt Screwdriver Bit Set 32 Piece - 78932 - from Toolstation
                              ( 139 )
                              £11.89 was £13.99
                              ex. VAT £9.91

                              1x lockable magnetic bit holder, 4x Pozi, 3x Phillips, ...Read more

                              DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt Screwdriver Bit Set 32 Piece - 33405 - from Toolstation ( 183 )
                              DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt FlexTorq Impact Rated Torsion Bits PZ2 - 11944 - from Toolstation ( 81 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak Magnetic Bit Holder 60mm - 57670 - from Toolstation ( 33 )
                              Wera Wera Wera Screwdriver Torx Bit TX30 x 25mm - 46139 - from Toolstation ( 47 )
                              ex. VAT £1.24

                              Abracs Abracs Abracs S2 Screwdriver Bits PZ2 - 59681 - from Toolstation ( 22 )
                              Draper Draper Draper Screwdriver Bit Set  - 83361 - from Toolstation ( 42 )
                              DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt Impact Torsion Screwdrivers Bits PZ2 - 91590 - from Toolstation ( 36 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak Extra Long Screwdriver Bit Set  - 83011 - from Toolstation ( 98 )
                              Bosch Bosch Bosch Screwdriver Bits PZ2 - 23894 - from Toolstation ( 16 )
                              Toolpak Toolpak Drywall Dimpler Set  - 27753 - from Toolstation ( 31 )

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