Nails & Staples

Browse a range of staples and nails for joinery and construction from top brands such as Paslode, Tacwise and Stanley. We have a vast collection of stock available, including galvanised nails and staples, round nails and clout nails. Use staples for holding onto building application materials such as damp proofing, carpet underlay and insulation. For insulation, choose the galvanised staples with the Rapid 140 series, and for fabrics use Tacwise staples. Staples range from 6mm to 50mm. Paslode nail packs for nail guns are supplied in a handy pack with a fuel cell. Paslode nails come in a variety of sizes and finishes and can be used with Paslode nailers. For sealing timber, Sheradised joist hanger nails are most suitable for use with timber to timber joist hangers and connectors. Alternatively, for flooring nailers, use Stanley Bostitch nails for all L type nailers. Secure fixings with galvanised nails such as round, clout, felt, staple and plasterboard nails. Available in different quantities and bag sizes, there are options available for any job size. Due to the range of bright nail sizes available, (starting from 25mm to 150mm), bright nails are ideal for general purpose construction work. We also sell BPC fixings, Fischer nails and collated, arrow and rapid nails. Spend over £25 for free delivery or click and collect from your closest branch.

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