Hook Up Units & Mounts

Perfect for use in caravans, campsites and boats, electric hook-up units can power a range of appliances, from heating to hairdryers and mobile phones.

What is an Electrical Hook-Up?

An electrical hook-up, or EHU, connects to a power supply, usually in mobile homes or caravans. Many campsites offer electrical hook-up points which can supply guests with mains electricity. This is usually 230V/220V, equivalent to household electricity. These weatherproof hook-up points can be installed on steel stakes to provide a permanent power source.

How Do Caravan Hook-Ups Work?

Caravans can usually hook up to the mains via an EHU point. This requires a reliable electric hook-up cable, also known as an electrical supply cable, with safety features such as minimum IP44 waterproofing and built-in RCD. The line can be plugged into the electrical hook-up point for access to electricity. At Toolstation, our electric hook-up units meet UK regulations and are compliant with MID-approved meters for enhanced safety. Our electric hook-up points are 16 amp, offering up to 3.68KW of power. They’re also weatherproof with an IP44 rating, making them ideal for power distribution outdoors. We also stock galvanised stakes which can be used to mount electric hook-up units.
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