MDPE Pipes

At Toolstation, we stock a range of MDPE pipes for gas and water from many trusted brands. Whether you’re looking for black alkathene pipe fittings, yellow gas pipes, or blue water pipes, you’ll find many options when you browse here. What does MDPE pipe stand for? MDPE stands for Medium Density Polyethylene, which is the material used to make this type of pipe. Its high durability is commonly used for gas pipes, water pipes, and wastewater pipes. MDPE blue water pipes are safe for drinking water, whereas an MDPE yellow line is used for gas. What do MDPE Pipes Do? MDPE pipes are often used as cold water mains pipes for homes and commercial properties. They are a safer alternative to traditional lead piping and can withstand high-pressure water from the mains supply. MDPE pipes should be installed underground, as exposure to sunlight can cause the pipes to degrade.
                                MDPE Pipe 25mm x 25m - 31388 - from Toolstation ( 175 )
                                MDPE Pipe 20mm x 25m - 11290 - from Toolstation ( 105 )
                                MDPE Pipe 32mm x 25m - 70596 - from Toolstation ( 105 )

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