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Find a huge range of electrical cables, wiring and accessories at Toolstation. Shop from leading electrical supply brands including Wylex, MK and Crabtree, and find everything you need to complete electrical work safely – and to the highest standard.

From cable management and aerials to plug-in timers, extractor fans, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, we provide the necessary parts and products to complete all kinds of electrical work. We also stock switches and sockets, electrical testing equipment, replacement batteries and electric vehicle chargers.

Electrical Switches & Sockets

Electrical switches and sockets combine function and aesthetics in homes and commercial settings. Our range of electrical switches control lighting and appliances with toggle, rocker and dimmer switches to suit every need.

Explore electrical sockets to provide power access for devices – with many styles and finishes available at Toolstation, these fittings combine functionality with decoration, enhancing electrical access in living and working spaces.

Cable Management

Organise and secure cables for a neat and efficient setup. Efficient cable management enhances safety and facilitates easy maintenance and troubleshooting. Our range includes cable organisers, clips and sleeves to prevent tangling and tripping hazards.

Extension Leads

Extension leads, power strips and extension cords provide additional electrical outlets for multiple devices. In various lengths, they offer flexibility for positioning electronics around the home or in commercial settings. Extension leads are essential for powering additional devices, ensuring convenient access to electricity without overloading outlets. Our range includes extension leads with surge safety features for extra peace of mind.

Cable Reels

Cable reels are a convenient way to manage and extend power cords. Their retractable design allows easy storage and portability, ideal for construction sites, workshops and outdoors. Cable reels ensure organised and tangle-free power supply extension, offering flexibility in different environments.