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Create borders or keep animals in or out with a selection of wire fence at Toolstation, including barbed wire, wire mesh and netting. Our durable wire fence is sourced from Apollo Gardening for garden wire you can trust to do the job.

We stock 25m barbed wire, galvanised to prevent rusting and supplied in a handy bucket that's ideal for keeping pests out and animals in. Other galvanised wire available includes the wire mesh and welded mesh for fencing, available in wire mesh panels for easy construction.

Galvanised wire netting, perfect for chickens and enclosing other small animals, come in 50 metre rolls or alternatively we have PVC wire netting for a durable and cheaper solution. Find more garden wire tools, including fencing pins, stakes, straining wire and fence post maul here.

Click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch or have it delivered for free when you spend over £25.
                                Powapost Powapost Dual Coated Heavy Duty Angle 90 x 90 x 40mm wide / 3mm thick - 62664 - from Toolstation
                                ( 142 )
                                Powapost Powapost Dual Coated Heavy Duty Angle 45 x 45 x 40mm wide / 3mm thick - 88736 - from Toolstation
                                ( 76 )
                                Powapost Powapost Dual Coated Heavy Duty Angle 90 x 45 x 40mm wide / 3mm thick - 88994 - from Toolstation
                                ( 142 )
                                Powapost Powapost Arris Rail Bracket Timber 60 x 60 x 300mm - 43850 - from Toolstation
                                ( 155 )
                                £8.48 was £9.98
                                ex. VAT £7.07
                                8 Pack

                                Galvanised bracket designed to join wooden arris rails ...Read more

                                Powapost Powapost Dual Coated Timber to Timber Joist Hanger 47 x 97mm - 82132 - from Toolstation
                                ( 24 )
                                Powapost Powapost Decking Clip  - 96758 - from Toolstation
                                ( 29 )
                                96758 Decking Clip
                                £13.58 was £15.98
                                ex. VAT £11.32
                                100 Pack

                                A hidden galvanised fixing for quick and easy installat ...Read more

                                BPC Fixings BPC Fixings Raised Bed Bracket Kit  - 30992 - from Toolstation
                                ( 13 )

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