When you need to measure or monitor temperature, thermometers help get the job done. Our thermometers can provide measurements in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Use industrial thermometers to monitor temperature over a more extended period or perform quick checks on materials and other items as required.

What Are Thermometers Used For?

Many different thermometers are available for various applications, but their primary purpose is to check temperatures. Pocket-sized infrared and k-type thermometers are ideal food temperature checks or hot spots and fuse on motors, bearings, shafts and distribution boards. Thermometers can also help diagnose heating problems and monitor electrical engines and panels, automotive exhausts and radiators without contact. We stock a selection of the best industrial thermometers from leading brands such as Draper and TIS, including digital and infrared thermometers.
                                Draper Draper Draper Infrared Thermometer  - 94325 - from Toolstation ( 43 )
                                Digital Thermometer  - 18286 - from Toolstation ( 58 )
                                TIS TIS TIS Infrared & K-Type Thermometer  - 21207 - from Toolstation

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