Sealant Guns

Applicator guns are one of the best ways to evenly apply sealants such as mastic or caulk. These guns are designed to hold a canister or cartridge for the easy application of construction-grade adhesives such as silicone and decorator’s caulk.

What Are Applicator Guns Used For?

The main purpose of heavy-duty sealant guns is to seal gaps, cracks and fissures, both indoors and outdoors. Sealant guns can be fitted with a wide variety of cartridges to create waterproof seals for bathrooms, roofs and gutters, or for filling the tops of skirting boards. At Toolstation, you’ll find an excellent range of sealant guns and accessories in several designs. Shop from leading brands such as Rawlplug, Fischer and Heavy Duty.
                                  Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Applicator Gun 380ml - 58689 - from Toolstation ( 38 )
                                  Rawlplug Rawlplug Rawlplug R-GUN Applicator Gun  - 80015 - from Toolstation ( 18 )
                                  Fischer Fischer Pupm 3 Foam Gun Applicator  - 28840 - from Toolstation

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