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Find all the plumbing fittings and components you need at Toolstation. Our range includes essential products for safe and effective plumbing, whether you’re a professional on the job or a DIYer making small repairs at home. We stock leading brands you can trust, including Speedfit by John Guest, McAlpine, Pegler and more – everything you need to plumb with confidence.

Our extensive range of plumbing pipes and fittings includes push-fit valves and connectors and brass and copper compression fittings in various pack sizes.

Pipe Fittings

Our pipe fittings meet all your plumbing needs – the range includes durable PVC and versatile brass pipe fittings for reliable connections, whatever the job. Find pipe fittings at Toolstation that cater to various pipes and plumbing configurations. Whether repairing, extending or creating new systems, our quality pipe fittings provide the essential components.

Pipe Connectors

Explore our reliable pipe connectors for seamless plumbing solutions. Pipe connectors at Toolstation include durable PVC and versatile brass connectors, ensuring reliable and secure joints. Find connectors in sizes and styles that suit your specific needs, whether for repairs or installations. Our quality pipe connectors are essential components for strong and lasting connections.

Toilet Sink Combinations

Make the most of a small bathroom with an integrated toilet sink combination. These innovative fixtures integrate a sink into the toilet unit, providing a compact and practical solution, perfect for downstairs cloakrooms and small guest bathrooms. Choose modern designs that enhance the room while conserving space.

Waste Fittings

Our range of durable waste fittings includes everything from versatile PVC to robust metal, ensuring reliable connections for plumbing systems. Find waste fittings in sizes and configurations to suit your needs for drainage, sinks and other applications.