Rotary Tools

A handheld power tool with a rotating head, rotary tools are known for their versatility and precision. The tip of a rotary tool spins at high speeds and can be fitted with a range of attachments for different tasks. Rotary tools are popular with professional tradespeople, crafters and hobbyists.

What Are Rotary Tools Used For?

Rotary tools are powerful, precise, compact and portable. These multi-functional tools can be used for cutting, sanding, grinding, honing, brushing, polishing, cleaning, sharpening and engraving.

Are Rotary Tool Kits Used For DIY Projects?

Rotary tools can be used in construction, DIY projects and crafts. They can be used to sharpen tools, trim metalwork, cut tiles, sand wood, and carry out minor repairs.

Can Rotary Multi Tool Accessories Be Bought Separately?

Rotary multi-tool accessories and kits can be bought separately. These kits offer value for money and often include cutting wheels, grinding wheels, sanding bands, diamond bits, wool wheels, collets, sanding drums, wrenches and more. Tool bits and accessories can also be purchased individually. At Toolstation, you’ll find high-quality rotary tools from leading brands such as Dremel, Draper and Einhell.
                      Batteries Included
                        Dremel Dremel Dremel 4250-3/45 Multi-Tool Kit 230V - 44675 - from Toolstation

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