Toilet Cistern Levers

At Toolstation, we stock a range of toilet cistern levers from many trusted brands. Available in various sizes and designs, and with options to suit all budgets and plumbing configurations, you're sure to find the perfect toilet handle for your needs here. Changing a toilet flush valve A toilet flush handle, or cistern lever, is quick and easy to install yourself. Simply unscrew the old flush handle and replace it with a new one if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom fixtures. With products available in various designs and finishes, you can choose a cistern lever that complements your bathroom’s design. If you’re looking to give your bathroom a modern overhaul, why not opt for a chrome, brass or ceramic toilet handle? Browse our selection below and find toilet cistern levers at great prices.
                                    Epson Epson Cistern Lever E Type 88mm Spindle - 75863 - from Toolstation ( 81 )
                                    ex. VAT £2.90

                                    Plastic arm.

                                    Epson Epson Cistern Lever D Type 110mm Spindle - 54925 - from Toolstation ( 89 )
                                    ex. VAT £3.07

                                    Plastic arm.

                                    Epson Epson Cistern Lever X Type  - 10106 - from Toolstation ( 75 )
                                    Epson Epson Enabler Less Able Cistern Lever  - 27045 - from Toolstation ( 9 )
                                    ex. VAT £15.32

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