Workshop Tools

We stock a selection of workshop appliances to make working more efficient and comfortable. This includes machinery, bench saws, bench grinders and drills, roller stands, workshop heaters and fans. For bench tools, we stock a range of trusted brands including Draper, SIP and Silverline. Sharpen tools and metal using our selection of bench grinders including the SIP 07576 bench grinder, that can be used with both wet and dry materials. For domestic workshop projects the Silverline bench grinder is ideal. For drilling holes at ease through materials including wood, plastics and metals the bench drill is suited for a fixed drill. We stock Draper bench drills, including the 38255 350W 5 Speed bench drill, fitted with a high-speed 350W motor. The Draper 82756 Bandsaw bench saw is suitable for bench placement and has a cutting speed of 15m/sec. For easy cutting use, the SIP mitre saw stand comes with two roller supports for precision adjustment of work. For products that requires a bench saw such as the biscuit joiner, the SIP biscuit joiner easily joins two pieces of wood. It’s the most precise bench saw for this purpose, being designed to perform that one task. Keep your workshop warm with a workshop heater like the Stiebel Eltron heater or turbo fan heater from SIP. The SIP fireball 230V turbo fan electric heater is ideal for a workshop fan, providing up to 10,200Btu and overheat protection. We also have workshop fans in our SIP range, such as the SIP 05616 high velocity drum fan; available in a choice of sized and providing a maximum airflow of up to 260m3/min. Secure the material you’re working on in place with a roller stand from Toolstation. All the woodworking roller stands in our range are height-adjustable, providing ease of use. Choose the Triton multi stand for a swivel and tilt head or if you require a heavy-duty roller stand, the heavy duty 5 roller stand has a four-footed cast iron base with levelling pads and 5 rollers. Spend over £25 online to receive free delivery or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
            Motor Type
                Makita Makita Makita 720W 115mm Angle Grinder 240V - 52935 - from Toolstation ( 82 )
                Makita Makita Makita 2000W 230mm Angle Grinder 240V - 97116 - from Toolstation ( 68 )
                Hikoki Hikoki Hikoki 730W 115mm Angle Grinder 230V - 81520 - from Toolstation ( 7 )
                Dakin Flathers Dakin Flathers Dakin Flathers Bandsaw Blade 56 1/2 x 1/4 14tpi - 44839 - from Toolstation ( 145 )
                Makita Makita Makita 2000W 230mm Angle Grinder 110V - 66315 - from Toolstation ( 9 )
                DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt DWE4206K 1010W 115mm Angle Grinder 110V - 49830 - from Toolstation ( 6 )
                DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt Disposable Liner for DWV902M Fleece DWV9402 - 49949 - from Toolstation
                Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach BASA1 300W 200mm Bandsaw 240V - 64155 - from Toolstation
                Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach KS1000 Universal Chain Saw Sharpener 230V - 83412 - from Toolstation
                Triton Triton Triton TWX7 WorkCentre  - 78601 - from Toolstation ( 13 )
                Zipper Zipper Zipper STB16T 630W 16mm Bench Drill Press 12 Speeds 230V - 52223 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                Triton Triton Triton Multi Stand  - 11124 - from Toolstation ( 24 )
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