Car Cleaning

Our extensive car cleaning range will help you keep your vehicle looking as good as new, both inside and out. There’s no need to visit a car wash when you’ve got these car cleaning products at home – you’ll get a professional, sparkling finish without needing to leave your own driveway. Stock up on these affordable car washing essentials or create your own car cleaning kit – it’ll save you money in the long run! Find everything you need to give your pride and joy the care it deserves, from car shampoo and polish to sponges, brushes and chamois.

Car Shampoo

Choosing the right car shampoo is an essential part of car care. It needs to be tough on road dirt, film, stubborn marks, insects and bird mess, but gentle on your paintwork. Our car cleaner is specially formulated to deliver maximum results for the minimum of effort – you’ll always get the job done properly.

Car Polish

Add the finishing touch to your car cleaning job by applying car polish for extra shine! You can keep your car looking cleaner for longer when you use a polish or wax to help protect it from the elements.

Car Cleaning Kit

If car cleaning by hand is proving too time-consuming, consider using a pressure washer to make the job easier. Remember to choose one with a variable-power lance, so you can adjust the water pressure to protect your paintwork. When it comes to your vehicle’s interior, choose from a range of car valet products such as windscreen and upholstery cleaner to make sure it’s as smart inside as it is outside. A cordless vacuum will come in really handy too, particularly if there’s no power supply where your car is parked.
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                                Disposable Seat Covers 100 Pack - 90963 - from Toolstation ( 5 )

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