Whether you’re carrying liquids or cleaning, a bucket is essential. Tubs and plastic buckets have a vast range of uses across several industries. Builders, plasterers, bricklayers and plumbers all use buckets, and it is always helpful to have one around the home for DIY or general purposes.

What Can a Bucket Be Used For?

There are many different buckets available, from standard hard plastic buckets with a handle for carrying to buckets with a lip for pouring. Their uses include mixing, pouring or transporting waste and rubbish. Professional-quality buckets tend to be made from a higher rubber content to avoid cracking and increase durability. Toolstation stocks a range of high-quality, reliable buckets, baths and tubs from brands such as Heavy Duty, Red Gorilla and OX. As well as a selection of buckets, you can also find mixing bowls and tubs.
                              Black Plastic Bucket 14.5L - 68562 - from Toolstation ( 317 )
                              Flexi Tub 40L Yellow - 79794 - from Toolstation
                              ( 214 )
                              79794 Flexi Tub 40L Yellow
                              £5.89 was £8.69
                              ex. VAT £4.91

                              Flexible soft-sided bucket with handles.

                              Flexi Tub 40L Black - 46337 - from Toolstation
                              ( 169 )
                              46337 Flexi Tub 40L Black
                              £5.89 was £8.19
                              ex. VAT £4.91

                              Flexible soft-sided bucket with handles.

                              OX OX OX Pro Tough Bucket 15L - 23407 - from Toolstation ( 81 )
                              Yellow Builders Bucket 13.5L - 61829 - from Toolstation ( 58 )
                              Pour & Scoop Bucket 14.5L - 71397 - from Toolstation ( 42 )
                              Heavy Duty Plasterers Mixing Bucket 30L White - 48580 - from Toolstation ( 49 )
                              Flexible Mixing Bowl 0.5L - 47290 - from Toolstation ( 61 )

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