Towing & Recovery Tools

Find high-quality towing and recovery tools from trusted brands when you shop at Toolstation. Whether you need to install a tow hook or keep a compact tow pole in case of an emergency breakdown, we’ve got products available to suit all budgets and vehicles. Towing Accessories Looking for high-quality tow rope and tow straps to secure your vehicle whilst it’s being towed? Find affordable options at Toolstation. Easy to store in your car or garage, having a tow rope or tow pole on hand is an easy and secure way to transport your vehicle to safety if you break down. If you need additional towing accessories like a towing eye or tow hook, we’ve got plenty of products to choose from to make vehicle recovery as smooth as possible.
                              Silverline Silverline Tow Pole  - 89272 - from Toolstation ( 78 )
                              Draper Draper Draper Trailer Board 7-Pin N-Type - 73178 - from Toolstation

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