Bench Tools

Bench tools are an excellent investment for any workshop, whether you’re a professional or a keen home improver. We stock a wide range of bench tools at Toolstation from many trusted brands. Find bench grinders suitable for domestic projects or sharpening tools and metal.

Lathe Tools

A lathe is used to shape and craft objects from wood. We offer a range of woodturning lathes with variable speed settings and powerful motors.

Bench Grinders

Grinders can be used to sharpen tools and shape materials. They typically have two wheels with varying levels of abrasion so that one tool can perform multiple grinding tasks. These machines must be securely attached to a surface and come with a selection of wheel diameters for different uses.

Bench Drills

A bench drill is ideal for drilling holes at ease through materials including wood, plastics and metals. Find the right bench drill for any home DIY project or professional workshop at Toolstation.
                  Batteries Included
                    Dakin Flathers Dakin Flathers Dakin Flathers Bandsaw Blade 56 1/2 x 1/4 14tpi - 44839 - from Toolstation ( 151 )
                    Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach KS1000 Universal Chain Saw Sharpener 230V - 83412 - from Toolstation
                    Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach BTS800 370W 150mm Belt & Disc Sander 230V - 11070 - from Toolstation ( 5 )
                    Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach BASA1 300W 200mm Bandsaw 240V - 64155 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                    Draper Draper Draper 250W Variable Speed Mini Wood Lathe 230V - 82312 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                    Zipper Zipper Zipper STB13T 400W 13mm Bench Drill Press 9 Speeds 230V - 71676 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                    Draper Draper Draper 250W Bandsaw 240V - 71281 - from Toolstation ( 45 )
                    Draper Draper Draper 600W 12 Speed Floor Standing Drill 230V - 24433 - from Toolstation
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                    Zipper Zipper Zipper STB16T 630W 16mm Bench Drill Press 12 Speeds 230V - 52223 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                    Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach SM200L 500W 200mm Bench Grinder 240V - 51105 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                    Draper Draper Draper 350W Variable Speed Mini Milling/Drilling Machine 230V - 71990 - from Toolstation
                    Einhell Einhell Einhell TH-US 240 240W Stationary Belt Grinder 230V - 96293 - from Toolstation ( 3 )
                    Draper Draper Draper 550W Compact Digital Variable Speed Wood Lathe 230V - 19367 - from Toolstation

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