Kitchen Lighting

Looking to upgrade your kitchen lighting? Here at Toolstation, we have a wide range of kitchen lighting solutions to suit any space, including options from trusted brands. Whether you need bright kitchen lighting or want to refresh your space with some unique feature lighting, we have options to suit all budgets and designs. What lights do you need in kitchens? No matter what size or layout your kitchen might be, the proper lighting can make a big difference. Bright kitchen lights are great for small kitchens without windows, and spotlights or strip lights are a fantastic choice. If you have more space to work with, adding some feature lighting like our black kitchen lights is the perfect way to bring a unique design element to your kitchen. How to best light your kitchen We know how important bright kitchen lighting is when you’re cooking. Try choosing spotlights to illuminate your worktops. Suppose you’ve got a bar or island. In that case, Toolstation kitchen bar lights are a great choice, giving a more ambient feel to the areas where you’ll be entertaining or relaxing.
        Cap Type
                  Kitchen Kitchen LED Extension Cable with Connectors 2.5m - 41717 - from Toolstation ( 23 )
                  Meridian Lighting Meridian Lighting LED Link Lights 6.5W 570mm 530lm - 59732 - from Toolstation ( 93 )
                  Meridian Lighting Meridian Lighting LED Link Lights 4.5W 310mm 330lm - 33590 - from Toolstation ( 38 )
                  Meridian Lighting Meridian Lighting LED Link Lights 10.5W 870mm 830lm - 70832 - from Toolstation ( 93 )
                  LED Link Lights 8W 570mm 720lm A+ - 51423 - from Toolstation ( 91 )
                  Meridian Lighting Meridian Lighting LED Link Lights 13.5W 1170mm 1100lm - 74853 - from Toolstation ( 93 )
                  Kitchen Kitchen LED Link Lights 4W 310mm 360lm A+ - 11728 - from Toolstation ( 33 )

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