Post Boxes & Letterboxes

Shop metal post boxes and letterboxes from trusted brands at Toolstation, including wall-mounted styles suitable for any home or workplace. Securely store your mail in a locked outdoor letterbox.

What are the Benefits of a Wall Mounted Letter Box?

A wall-mounted postbox is an ideal solution if you’re always picking mail up from your front doorstep. An external letterbox allows you to store mail safely and discreetly until you want to collect it, thanks to the key lock feature. Outdoor post boxes are popular for many homes and can be installed on walls, gate posts, or doors. They can also help organise mail in offices and other workplaces.
                            Burg-Wachter Burg-Wachter Rectangular Post Box Black - 79315 - from Toolstation ( 35 )
                            Burg-Wachter Burg-Wachter Compact Post Box Black - 86093 - from Toolstation ( 18 )
                            Burg-Wachter Burg-Wachter Classic Post Box Black - 29980 - from Toolstation ( 21 )

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