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From air heaters to radiant panels, fan convectors, extractor fans and air purifiers, we have an extensive range of ventilation and heating products available at Toolstation. Whether you’re looking to warm a space, cool it or improve the air quality, we have the equipment you need at affordable prices.

Ventilation Supplies & Accessories

Proper ventilation enhances air quality and flow. Our range of ventilation products includes roof ventilation, air vents, dehumidifiers, ducting, fans, air purifiers, extractor fans, building ventilation and air conditioning units.

Natural ventilation products include vents and ducting, which assist with the natural flow of air, whilst mechanical ventilation products such as dehumidifiers and air conditioning units use electrical-powered means to remove moisture or excess heat.

At Toolstation, you’ll find a wide range of professional quality heating and ventilation products from trusted brands, including oil-filled radiators, electric heaters, dryers, smart heating, underfloor heating, vents, grills, ducting, cooling fans, air purifiers, dehumidifiers and extractor fans.

Electric Fireplaces

Create a cosy atmosphere with electric fireplaces, providing warmth and ambience without the hassle of traditional setups. Our range of electric fireplaces includes wall-mounted and freestanding styles with adjustable flame effects and heat settings.

Oil-Filled Radiators

Efficiently heat your space with our oil-filled radiators. These portable heaters offer warmth with adjustable controls, and you can choose sizes and capacities to suit different rooms. Our oil-filled radiators provide a reliable, convenient and energy-efficient heating solution, ensuring comfort when and where you need it.

Patio Heaters

Enjoy outdoor comfort year-round with patio heaters. Our range includes stylish standing outdoor heaters and wall-mounted options, providing warmth on cool evenings. Choose from propane and electric patio heaters to suit your preferences.

Electric Fires

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with an electric fire. Browse electric fires to suit different spaces, including wall-mounted and freestanding fires, providing flames without the need for a chimney. With adjustable heat settings and remote controls, our electric fires offer convenience and comfort.

Garden Heaters

Our garden heaters include sizes and styles designed to warm your outside space, including freestanding propane heaters and electric patio heaters. Make the most of chilly evenings and elevate your outdoors with our reliable and efficient garden heaters.