Angle Grinder Discs

These circular discs, or grinding wheels, are the primary grinding and cutting tool used in angle grinders. Hand-held angle grinders are most commonly seen in metal fabrication but can also be used for grinding, cutting, sharpening, sanding and polishing. Designed for heavy-duty, professional use, they can be made from various substances, including resin, glass fibre, zirconium, tungsten carbide and more. Different models can be used for an array of grinding and cutting tasks, whilst general-purpose grinder blades can tackle multiple jobs and materials without changing discs. You’ll find a wide range of angle grinder discs at Toolstation from trusted brands such as Norton, Toolpak and DeWalt. Our affordable selection includes grinder attachments in various sizes and styles to suit any project.
                                Bosch Bosch Bosch Inox Metal Cutting Disc 115mm - 68514 - from Toolstation
                                ( 35 )
                                £9.49 was £11.98
                                ex. VAT £7.91
                                10 Pack

                                For use in (stainless) steel and other ferrous metals. ...Read more

                                DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt Thin Metal Cutting Discs 125 x 1.0 x 22.2mm - 76847 - from Toolstation
                                ( 51 )
                                Norton Norton DPC Grinding Disc 115 x 6.0 x 22.2mm Metal - 43338 - from Toolstation ( 61 )
                                Toolpak Toolpak Semi Flexible Disc 115mm - 57283 - from Toolstation ( 46 )
                                Norton Norton DPC Grinding Disc 230 x 6.0 x 22.2mm Metal - 21233 - from Toolstation ( 50 )
                                Norton Norton DPC Grinding Disc 115 x 6.0 x 22.2mm Stone - 18118 - from Toolstation ( 50 )

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